Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Miami On My Mind

It's cold and blustery here in Maryland today, which has me thinking of Miami, where it isn't.  These photos and links from the Miami Book Fair--which I attended in November--aren't exactly news flashes at this point.  But I have Miami on my mind, so here goes:

First, while at the fair, I did a radio interview with Marc Bernier of WNDB radio of Daytona Beach.  Who knew a video of it would be posted on YouTube?  Click here, if you wish:  Debbie Levy - The Year of Goodbyes.  Question:  Will anybody who is not closely related to me listen to a 20 minute interview?  (Will anybody who is closely related?)  Maybe if I were to throw a contest with prizes. . . .

Second, I talked to hundreds of students and teachers as part of my book fair events, and visited two schools, Rockway Middle and Glades Middle. They could not have been more hospitable. And a bonus: Swag! Have a look:
That, in case you can't tell, would be a Glades M.S. briefcase and a Rockway M.S. jacket. I love them both.

Third, I shared a podium in Miami with the talented and personable Linda Urban and Tom Angleberger.  The photo gives a small inkling of what a KID MAGNET Tom is!  He calls everybody "Larry," and this just cracks the kids up.  
That's Linda on the right in the photo, looking on, as I did, in awe and delight.  I hope you'll check out both Linda's and Tom's books.

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