Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reading for Lent

Last month, author Mitali Perkins (Bamboo People, Secret Keeper, and more) announced on her blog an interesting and thoughtful idea she was putting into practice for Lent:  "During this season," she wrote, "I strive to impose a new discipline that slows me to see and hear more clearly.  What better practice than enjoying a book from cover to cover, especially in an age when I'm mostly reading in the 'shallows' instead of deeply?"

I'm really honored that Mitali chose to read The Year of Goodbyes as part of her book-a-day-for-Lent project, and appreciate her generous review, which you can read by clicking here

If you haven't read Mitali's Bamboo People, maybe you'll want to put it on your own book list for this season!