Monday, May 23, 2011

We Need This Ice Cream

I made an unexpected discovery at the Gaithersburg Book Festival last Saturday:  the best ice cream I have ever eaten.  Anywhere, anytime. 

This ice cream is made by BOSS Foods, the creation of Valerie W. Ross.  Valerie's a recent graduate of Women Entrepreneurs of Baltimore.  She may have picked up pointers on how to run a small business from WEB, but it's clear from the first bite that culinary skills are in her DNA.  At the book festival, Valerie and her daughter Janee Ross were on hand with a cart stocked with their made-fresh-in-Gaithersburg confection.  My mother and I sampled the French vanilla and the macadamia nut, and, oh my.

From left to right, Valerie Ross, Mom (Jutta Levy) and Janee Ross.  
Valerie tells me the Gaithersburg Whole Foods store (Kentlands) has just agreed to carry BOSS ice cream.  You lucky Gaithersburgers!  Now the rest of us Marylanders might want to run to wherever we buy groceries to spread the word.  We need this ice cream.

My mother and I were at the festival to present and sign The Year of Goodbyes, which was lovely, but--let me tell you about this ice cream we discovered. . . .

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