Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Around here it's snowing yellow leaves, not six-sided white flakes, but I always think of Frost's poem this time of year when I'm walking through the woods.  Last week, Toby and I (that would be Toby, my chocolate Lab) were hiking along, leaves dropping like--well, like leaves--all around us, when we both stopped in surprise at the sight of one particular leaf notable because it was not dropping to the ground.  This leaf was a sheet of cardstock paper, hung like a Christmas ornament from a sapling.  What was it?  A poem!  A poem hanging from a tree branch.  Here it is:

Okay, so it wasn't Robert Frost.  It appeared to be one inspired teacher's way of inspiring his or her students to learn to identify and appreciate the trees along the Potomac River.  I certainly thought it was inspiring--and how can you not love coming across a poem, of any kind, hanging from a tree in the woods?

Toby and I took to the trail a couple of days later with some friends.  I wanted to show them the poem, but it was gone.  It was another gorgeous day (you people here in the D.C. area know what I'm talking about if you were around last week), and we came across a family group.  They were a little lost (only a little), so we walked together for a while.  The father said the kids had been in the woods earlier in the week with classes from Georgetown Day School.  Did they hang poems from trees? I asked.  Indeed they did, he said, and the kids had a great time.  Mystery solved.  And my thanks to the teachers of Georgetown Day.

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